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What is Motor Neurone Disease (MND)?


Understanding MND

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a neurodegenerative disorder that involves the death of motor neurones in the brain. Motor neurones control muscle movement in our body so those with MND experience symptoms related to muscle weakness such as difficultly speaking, eating, and moving. The disease eventually leads to paralysis and death, most commonly within five years of disease onset, though some anomalies exist (like Stephen Hawking, who lived with the disease for over 50 years).


Living with MND

This powerful documentary explores Richard Holmes' life following his Motor Neurone Disease (MND) diagnosis in September 2022. It intimately portrays the impact on Richard, his wife Lorraine, their children, and friends, highlighting his resilience, strength, and unwavering Christian faith.

Through candid interviews and heartfelt moments, the film showcases Richard's determination to live fully despite MND, emphasizing his faith and life philosophy. Join us to raise awareness about MND and the urgent need for research and support for those affected by this devastating condition.

MND Association

Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND Association) is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with or affected by Motor Neurone Disease in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Their work spans a range of crucial areas including enhancing access to care, funding groundbreaking research, and advocating for the rights and needs of MND patients. We strive to provide comprehensive support and drive forward the search for effective treatments and ultimately, a cure.


Click the button below to find out more and join us in our mission.

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