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Fundraise with EndMND

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Start by selecting either the 30IN30 or 50IN30 challenge t-shirt. Our eco-friendly, breathable sportswear will proudly display your commitment to fighting MND.


Next, create your fundraising page and set your target (£150 for 30IN30 or £250 for 50IN30). Share your page with friends, family, and social media to gather support for your challenge.


Finally, run or walk 30 or 50 miles within 30 days. Track your progress, stay motivated, and join us in making a difference together.


30 In 30

Commit to running or walking 30 miles in 30 days. This challenge is perfect for those looking to take on a manageable yet meaningful goal. By spreading out the miles over a month, you can steadily raise awareness and funds for the MND Association. Set up your fundraising page, aim for a target of £150, and share your journey with friends and family to garner support and donations.

50 In 30

Step up the intensity with the 50IN30 challenge, where participants aim to complete 50 miles in 30 days. This is ideal for those wanting a more rigorous challenge, providing a great opportunity to push your limits while contributing to a noble cause. Create your fundraising page, set a target of £250, and invite your network to support your mission to raise funds and awareness for MND.

30 In 30

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50 In 30

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