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Fighting Motor Neurone Disease

Join the EndMND community, dedicated to raising awareness of MND and fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.


Our vision is a world free from Motor Neurone Disease.


What is Motor Neurone Disease?

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a neurodegenerative disorder that involves the death of motor neurones in the brain. Motor neurones control muscle movement in our body so those with MND experience symptoms related to muscle weakness such as difficultly speaking, eating, and moving. The disease eventually leads to paralysis and death, most commonly within five years of disease onset, though some anomalies exist (like Stephen Hawking, who lived with the disease for over 50 years).


Fighting Motor Neurone Disease through the power of community

Be part of a passionate community dedicated to fighting Motor Neurone Disease. At EndMND, we believe in the power of collective effort to raise awareness and funds for the MND Association. By participating in our fundraising challenges, you can make a significant impact and help bring us closer to a cure. Join us today and take part in a movement that supports those affected by MND, fosters hope, and drives change. Your involvement makes a difference. Together, we can EndMND.


2024 Fundraising Target

£0/ £20,000



£0/ £20,000

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